The investment done by Alta Care Laboratoires in microencapsulating the oils for better action is an important factor when chosing between one omega fish oil softgel and another. The omega 3-6-9 in Cardiosteroil softgels are microencapsulated for improved quality and unlike other omegas there is no need to put vitamin E in the formulation to protect the oil from being oxidized.

All omega oils that are of low quality need to have at least 10mg of vitamin E added to the mix to protect the low quality oil to be oxidized. Only when the oil is high quality Vitamin E is not added to the mix. When one enters a pharmacy one may note many omega 3 softgels but in order to distinguish between one good quality omega 3 and another it is necessary to see which omega 3s are without vitamin E.

All omega 3 softgels that do not have any vitamin E added to them means that the oil is of high quality and there is no need to put vitamn E to protect the oil from being oxidized.




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