To be effective omega 3 has to be present in the right form and concentrations. A lot of milk, yoghurt and juice companies are claiming now to have Omega 3 added to them in order that the consumer will choose their product. However the omega 3 in these products are not present in the right concentrations to be therapeutically beneficial. The advertising may tend to deceive the end consumer to believe that the Omega 3 he is taking from the milk is enough and there is no need for him to buy food supplements in softgel form containing the high concentration omega 3 fish oils.

A brief overview of products on the market will easily reveal claims of Omega-3 presence in milk, yoghurt, cereals, bars and juices. Unfortunately quantities and concentrations of Omega are not observed in the nutritional values well enough by the end consumer. There are huge differences with regards to quantity and percentages of Omega per 100 g, between these products and CARDIOSTEROIL produced by ALTA CARE Laboratoires. Cardiosteroil softgels are made in France and every softgel contains 100% of Omega while milks, yoghurts, bars and juices have not more than 0,8% of Omega that is added to them.





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